Bruno Ferreira is a Portuguese guitarist born in Leiria, 1990. Bruno speaks fluent English and Dutch. He started to study music in 2004 at the “Escola de Música do Orfeão de Leiria Conservatório de Artes”, guided by Ilda Coelho and Sónia Leitão. After achieving his Bachelor’s degree with Margarita Escarpa at Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Vigo and Enno Voorhorst (Erasmus program at Royal Conservatoire in The Hague), Bruno recently finished his Master’s studies with Carlo Marchione at the Conservatorium Maastricht. 

Recognized for his sensibility and passion for playing a highly varied repertoire, he was awarded with the first prize in the “Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Leiria 2012”. He also participated in masterclasses with worldwide known guitar performers such as Álvaro Pierri, Carlo Marchione, Costas Cotsiolis, David Russell, Elena Papandreou, Leo Brouwer, Paolo Pegoraro and Ricardo Gallén, amongst others.

His concert programs includes not only repertoire written for guitar, but also adapted for this instrument. His programs are based in the performance of masterpieces by great composers, such as J. S. Bach, Coste, Tárrega, Barrios, Asencio, Tansman and Ponce.

During his career, Bruno has been showing his commitment to music by performing concerts as a soloist and in chamber music groups around Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. He has been contributing to the musical field not only as a musician, but also by sharing his knowledge with his students.

At the moment he gives piano and guitar lessons in Rotterdam at De Gitaaracademie, in Leiderdorp at Stichting Muziekonderwijs Leiderdorp and in The Hague BSO De Ooievaar.

Please feel free to visit his website:  or contact him 

Jelena Ratkovic started playing the guitar when she was 7 years old. She has studied with Leighann Narum, Meliset Abreu, Alice Artzt, Tania Chagnot, Stephen Aron, Zoran Dukic, and Ignacio Rodes. She also studied piano privately with concert artist and pedagogue Sanja Drakulic Ratkovic.

In October 2007, she was accepted into the “Cycle Spécialisé” music program at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental du Val de Bièvre – L’Haÿ les Roses (France) and in June 2010, she received the “Diplôme d’Études Musicales” (Diploma of Musical Studies) – the highest degree offered by regional conservatories. The subsequent year, she continued her studies with Professor Tania Chagnot following acceptance into the “Cycle de Perfectionnement”. She completed her Bachelor of Music at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague in 2015 with Professor Zoran Dukic. In 2018, she obtained the Master of Arts in Classical Guitar Performance at the University of Alicante (Spain), graduating with Cum Laude distinction. In September 2018, Jelena will begin the DMus in Performance program at DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama in Dublin (Ireland).

Jelena has participated in many guitar festivals and has numerous awards from international competitions: 1st prize in Division IV from the 2005 Columbus State University Guitar Symposium, 3rd prize in Category I at the 2005 Guitar Art Festival in Belgrade Serbia, 1st prize (Intermediate level) at the Concours Internationaux de Musique et de Chant (UFAM) in France, 2nd prize in 2007 and 1st prize in 2009 at the Scharpach Guitar Competition of the Twents Gitaar Festival in Enschede, Netherlands, 1st prize in 2009 at the Youth Performer’s Competition of the International Guitar Festival in Rust, Austria, and 2nd prize in the James Stroud Classical Guitar Endowed Scholarship Competition in Akron, Ohio. Jelena has performed concerts in Serbia, France, the U.S.A., Netherlands, and Spain.
In addition to performing solo, Jelena performs frequently with mezzo-soprano Veronique van der Meijden and pianist Sanja Drakulic Ratkovic.

She is also a dedicated and passionate guitar and piano teacher. Jelena minored in Music Education during her Bachelor studies and teaches with the Creative Orchestra Project at the European School of The Hague, as well as giving private music lessons to motivated students.

Dear Parents,

My name is Jelena Ratkovic and I am an American classical guitarist. I teach guitar and piano in The Hague and am very happy to have the opportunity to offer music lessons at BSO. It is a great passion of mine to teach children, inspire a lifelong love for music, and establish a solid foundation for playing piano or guitar. Below is a brief biography of my career.

I would like to present several courses for your children based on various interests.

Fun Introduction to Music Basics for Young Children

(4/5/6 years old) – 40 minutes – 10 euros per lesson

This course is designed for young children (4 to 6 years of age) to present fundamental aspects of music in a fun and entertaining manner. The course would give an introduction to pulse, beat, rhythm, solfege as well as learning to look at, understand and read the music staff and notes. We will sing songs to develop confidence in singing and improve musical hearing and also learn to the basics of playing guitar (or ukulele) and keyboard. Material is presented in the form of fun and exciting musical activities, games, and songs.

Introduction to Music via Guitar/Ukulele

40 minutes – 10 euros per lesson

This course is for children who would like to learn how to play the guitar! Basic musical concepts (musical pulse, rhythm, reading notes) are taught through interactive and engaging activities, combined with learning to play the guitar, with emphasis on proper playing position, technique, and learning where notes are on the fretboard. Children will learn to play short melodies and basic chords, which will provide a strong basis for further learning.

Introduction to Music via Piano/Keyboard

40 minutes – 10 euros per lesson

This course is for children who would like to learn how to play the keyboard and therefore have an excellent basis for further piano learning. As with the guitar course, fundamental musical concepts are covered as well as correct piano playing technique and relating music notation with the keys of the piano. Emphasis will be on learning to play melodies and songs on the keyboard, such as Mary Had a Little Lamb, Au Claire de la Lune, Old McDonald, etc.

I look forward to teaching your child and introducing them to the world of music in a fun, engaging, and productive way! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the following email:

Thank you very much!

All the best,
Jelena Ratkovic